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sanbeecle pineapple cake


Pineapple Cake

1. This is a special cake for my mother, since she likes this Taiwan Traditional cake, but, she  is ill, I study and try and try many times to find this one, it took me more than 8 months  to find this taste, I do believe she likes this TRUE HEART PINEAPPLE CAKE, the words “TRUE HEART” in Chinese is filial piety, you can find filial piety from this True Heart Pineapple Cake. I do believe you should love this PINEAPPLE CAKE. 2. We have a special patent pineapple cake, the outside looking is totally different from traditional style, the inside pineapple jam we used Noble food material, you can not find it in the market, but, our selling price is very expensive, we focus CEO market to make this cake.

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